Successful Ways to Make Money Online Win PayPal Gift Card !!

Mehedi Hasan
4 min readApr 24, 2022

MONEY. We all want it; we all need it to survive. I have searched far and wide all over the net for safe ways of making extra cash. I was getting really discouraged, all I could seem to find were scams and programs that made you invest money. Then a few months ago I stumbled upon a really FUN looking site, I was waiting for the other shoe to drop while I was scoping it out. It gave me $50 just to sign up! Yes, it paid ME to sign up!!! It seemed really simple, it’s called a Get-Paid-To (GPT) site, I was paid to fill out surveys (for free, just took up a tiny amount of time) and try products. Not only have a found a few great products and services I also have received some HUGE checks. Completing offers (surveys/trials) is not the only way to make money at these GPT sites either; you also get referral commissions paid to you from the site owner. I have referred over 15 friends and am making 20% of what they make. Another way to make money on these sites is winning their contests; most of the good sites have daily, weekly and monthly contests that reward you for completing a certain amount of offers, earning the most money, or referring the most friends. I’ve made over $750 in contest winnings since I started 3 months ago. The site I use also rewards its members for completing offers by giving them points and these points can be redeemed for cash, gift cards, DVDs, and even an iPod!

Now that you’ve seen how profitable (and fun) this money-making website has been for me, let me explain to you how it works. Basically, the site owner works with a middle-man (a network) to get these offers from the advertiser. These advertisers work directly with the network, they make deals, and then site owners put up the already established deals. A network will be given a price from the advertiser of how much they are willing to pay for leads (people giving their information to them, or trying their products), and then the site owner decides how much to pay its member (you) to fill out the offer. Then when you complete the offer you’ll get that money put into your account with that site! Most sites pay once a month and most of them have minimum payouts of $10-$20 which is very easy to get to!

There are a few tips you will want to make sure you keep in mind, especially while you are filling out totally free offers (surveys or soft leads). First off you’ll want to create a rather long email address specifically used to enter in for these offers. Almost all of them will request it and a lot of times they’ll sell it and that email will get severely spammed! I love Gmail! I would recommend making a gmail account and making it a long name because you can put a period anywhere within the address and it will act like a totally new address to the advertisers. You need to do either that or switch up email addresses because advertisers are looking for NEW leads not leads that they already have in their system. With a new email address or a Gmail with periods in it, they’ll be more apt to give you credit. Also, most of these offers will require a phone number; you can get a free phone number that way you won’t have annoying phone calls from people trying to sell something to you. While you fill out these offers make sure that you are using your REAL information, using fake information is very bad and if you are caught doing it you’ll lose all your money and be banned from the site. Another thing you want to make sure you’re doing is clearing your cookies before filling out an offer. This is because all advertising is cookie-based and it needs to be cleared frequently! My last tip to keep in mind is once you finish completing a survey or get to a confirmation page, keep that page open until it’s fully loaded. Closing this window prematurely will cause your information to be lost and you won’t receive any credit.

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